The Psychopathic Behaviors (via Ocean County Corruption Blog)

Everyone has problems related to the way they behave. We can be good or bad without noticing the facts about ourselves. But, sure, everything has its roots.

Behaviors Of The Psychopath From Robert D. Hare Phd. Sociopathy is a complex personality disorder. Sociopaths aka Psychopaths exhibit a wide variety of maladaptive behavior which makes the condition difficult to diagnose. Sociopathy is not one trait; it is a syndrome—a cluster of related symptoms. If you're dealing with a person who exhibits some of these traits, put your guard up. If that person shows many or all of these traits, get him or her out of your life … Read More

via Ocean County Corruption Blog


Author: Secangkir Kopi

Aku? Tidak ada bedanya dengan orang lainnya. Aku manusia dedel kata temanku.

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