Be happy with your English!

Experienced as an English teacher as long as 15 years does not mean a lot to me. I have been teaching the language since 1994 till now. I know, the longer I use this language, the more fluent I am in using it, either in speaking or in writing. I know it is not only my own competence in English what I am concerned. I do really care my students and the school as a whole. Failures in the part of my students have reduced all the best things I have as an English teacher. I dream that my students will be able to follow my steps to be successful English learners.

Nothing is difficult in learning English. I am sure about that. As I say to the students again and again, though I am a pecel rice lover, still I can communicate in the language. I use English almost anytime I like, especially after I write some blogs in English as well. It is wrong if somebody say that the language is very difficult to learn. They just forget how to learn it. This happens even at the first time they start to learn the language. They just don’t love English. They are mistaken to treat the language as a foreign one for the whole lifetime. I don’t dare to do that. I use my heart full of love in learning and using it as a means of communication, even to express my feeling in my little diary and in my blogs for now.

Many people are afraid to express themselves to express themselves in English. They don’t have a good motivation to start with. They are speechless in English class, moreover outside. If somebody try to talk to them in English, they just respond mockingly by saying: “No, No, No! I no speak English.” This is a false start. Think negative about the language will ruin all the good days with your English.

As long as we keep English as one of favorite languages, we can hope for the success. We need to spend some particular scheduled time to improve our reading. We can grasp anything to improve our learning. Never miss a single day without learning. We can try to open our mouth to speak with anybody around us. Writing simple diary is also helpful.  Moreover, we can plan meaningful activities for our English learning program.

Be happy with your English! Try to get help from somebody who has a better competence in the language. That kind of person might be your own friends or your teachers. Neglecting potential people around is a very bad sign of failures.


Author: Secangkir Kopi

Aku? Tidak ada bedanya dengan orang lainnya. Aku manusia dedel kata temanku.

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